Products Satisfaction Guarantee

Essations Products Satisfaction Guarantee

At Essations, we stand behind the quality and satisfaction of our product 100%. To prove that to our customers, we are enlisting a new Product Satisfaction Guarantee, where stylists who are not pleased with their Essations experience can return their products for a full rebate. All you have to do is follow the guidelines listed here;

  1. More than a quarter of the product cannot be previously used when the product is returned. (ex. A 4lb pail of Relaxer must still have 3lb. or more left in it when returned)
  2. The Distributor has tried to dissolve any satisfaction issues (including usage discrepancies, etc.)
  3. The Distributor has called the company to open a Return Claim
  4. The Company has contacted the disgruntled customer and dissolved all options for satisfaction
  5. The Distributor will refund the customer
  6. The Company will give a Return Authorization Number to the Distributor
  7. Product must be returned to the Company with an accompanying receipt (at the expense of the Distributor)
  8. A credit will be issued to the Distributor for the full Distributor price of the merchandise one the product is received.